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Practical Caregiving


By Jean Donahue

How to Reasonably Take Away the Car Keys
Finding the 'Right' Nursing Home
Guilt Is a Common Caregiver Affliction - Let's Avoid It
Is Your Loved One’s Home Senior-Safe?
Knowing What You Need Is the First Step In Getting What You Need
Spruce Up Your Surroundings for Everyone’s Well-Being
The Helping Hand of Assisted Living
Senior Drinking Is Not All Fun and Games
An Informed Caregiver Is an Effective Caregiver
Remember to Remember
Relax! There Are Solutions to Help You
Guarding Against Elder Abuse is Everyone’s Duty
Spotting Suicidal Signs in Ourselves and Our Elderly
Pets Can Become a Caregiver's Assistant
Keeping It All Straight -- Meds, That Is
The Cold Facts About Hypothermia in Our Elderly
Caregiving Tips to Make the Holidays Merry
Cancer: Remaining Positive Amidst Fearing and Loathing
Finding a Cure for the Post-Holiday Blues
Going for the Gusto in Life
Knowing Family Medical History Can Save Lives - Yours Too
Getting Organized
Humor is an Important Caregiving Ingredient
The Games People Play -- Especially Older People
Waning Elderly Hygiene Can Stink for Caregivers
Tips for Getting a Good Night of Sleep
Looking in the Caregiver Mirror to Take Better Care of Yourself
Thanks -- a Small Word with Big Meaning
Don't Worry; Be Happy -- It Can Work for You
Downsizing Mom and Dad
If You Think You're Cold, Try It at Age 80!
Planning for Love One's End is Essential Hard Work
Poor Dental Care Can Lead to Many Physical Problems
Thanks for a Too-Often Thankless Job
When on the Edge, Take That 'Must' Break
At Thanksgiving, Make a Point of Finding Happiness
Seeing the Good in Bad Situations
When the Inevitable Moving Day Comes for Mom and Dad